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Pack 6 Box of ACTIMAR® Hypertonic, Pure Marine Plasma® - 30 vial box

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ACTIMAR® Hypertonic, Pure Marine Plasma® - 30 vial box Quick boost HYPERTONIC, Your Pure Marine Plasma® in a box!
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ACTIMAR®  HYPERTONIC Plasma Marin Pur® pour promouvoir une nutrition, une activité cellulaire et une hydratation optimales.

CTIMAR® HYPERTONIC Pure Marine Plasma® is all about Energy, Hydration and Cellular Nutrition.

Elaborated in a GMP certified pharmaceutical laboratory, ACTIMAR® HYPERTONIC, Pure Marine Plasma is not only efficacious but also safe for a fast electrolytes, minerals and trace elements intake. ACTIMAR® HYPERTONIC is 3 times as concentrated as the isotonic formula for a fast action and greater mineral intake. It is the formula of choice for a quick boost.

Benefit today from all the bioavailable nutrients found in cold micro filtered Actimar®, Pure Marine Plasma®.

  • Helps in energy metabolism
  • Cofactor in enzymatic reactions
  • Helps maintain optimal hydration and acid-base equilibrium
  • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Helps to maintain proper muscle function.
  • 100% natural, marine electrolytes, minerals and trace elements
  • Pure Marine Plasma produced under strict pharmaceutical GMPs
  • Full spectrum of minerals and trace elements
  • Highly bioavailable ionic elements
  • Triple cold micro-filtered, entirely free of bacteria
  • Packaged in chemically stable, type 1 pharmaceutical glass

See our Health Disclaimer

MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER 30 ml (3 vials):  From triple cold micro-filtered North Atlantic Ocean Water from France


580 mg
310 mg
71 mg
39 mg
13 mg
13 mg
4 mg
15 mcg
194 mcg
2 mcg
0.4 mcg
1 mcg
0.3 mcg
0.07 mcg
0.06 mcg

DOSAGE: 1 to 3 vials (10 to 30 ml) per day. Best taken on an empty stomach 15 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals. Keep 1 minute in the mouth and swallow. 

If you feel the salty taste is unpleasant, the product can be diluted in a bit of water or juice.

CAUTION: Not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, heart or kidney problems or those on a low sodium diet.

Conçu en laboratoire pharmaceutique certifié BPF, ACTIMAR® Hypertonic s’avère un supplément inégalable de par sa composition unique, complète et parfaitement équilibrée en minéraux, oligoéléments et électrolytes d’origine marine.
Puisé au large des côtes bretonnes en France et traité avec un savoir-faire unique qui allie la tradition de René Quinton à la science moderne, notre Plasma Marin Pur® est tout simplement efficace, stable et sécuritaire pour promouvoir une nutrition, une activité cellulaire et une hydratation optimales. ACTIMAR® Hypertonic est idéal lorsqu’un «boost» rapide est recherché, une cure est envisagée ou tout simplement pour un apport quotidien significatif en minéraux et oligoéléments.
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