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Quinton marine plasma products contain the full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and organic micronutrients as they occur under natural oceanic conditions. Quinton formulas are used as dietary mineral supplements. The marine plasma is also used as a therapeutic agent to wash and cleanse wounds and as a vehicle for antibiotics to speed the healing process. Our sea water is harvested from a plankton vortex and unpolluted source. - Pharmaceutically tested by the european pharmacopea. Perfectly assimilated by the body cells The research has also confirmed that the Quinton marine plasma and the body's plasma are closely identical. The scientific data has witnessed that the Quinton plasma was a dietary mineral supplement of choice, perfectly assimilated, the ideal nutrition of vitamins Used for : colonic irrigation, acne, skin treatment, nasal decongestion, dehydratation, health supplement, mineral balance, strengtening the immune system, detoxify, maintain top physical performance, recovering from fatigue and stress, 100% natural supplement and fully assimilable by the body cells.
Dr. Loïc Le Ribault's G5 Organic Silica: How Silica Benefits You. This is one of the more powerful healing products in the market. Suffice to say, this silica is miraculous.
Increases mental acuity, induces relaxation without causing drowsiness, improves learning and concentration, reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality. Studies show that it improves brain capacity.
NOVISYN, liquid hyaluronic acid, plant origin, against arthritis. PureHA Advanced Formula | Containing hyluronic acid, collagen and silica. HA-Xtra Support for the joints. Turmeric, devil's claw, hyaluronic acid and silica.
Laundry, fabric softener, dish soap, cleaner, biodegradable body soaps.

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